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One of the musical projects I’m involved in is a collaboration with my friend Sherwinn “Dupes” Brice. Every few months we write and release a new track as SU!T$. Over the summer when we got *virtually* together to work on a new song we were in the midst of the George Floyd protests. The anger, rage, disgust, frustration, and exhaustion in the air was palpable. We wanted to (*needed to*) channel that energy into song; something that we hope keeps the fires of civic activism burning, and contributes to the rallying cries for Justice in America.

Once we completed the track I knew we needed a video to go along with the song. After attending a number of protests over the summer of 2020 I decided to include that footage along with performance footage of Dupes which I shot on my iPhone 7.

Music Production: Sherwinn “Dupes” Brice and Jeremiah Glazer
Mixing and Mastering: Jeremiah Glazer
Camera: Jeremiah Glazer
Editing: Jeremiah Glazer
Color: Jeremiah Glazer


PS379 is a boutique audio and video production studio owned and operated by Jeremiah Glazer. Originally a documentary film editor and producer, Jeremiah combined his passion for video and audio starting PS379 in 2016. He has worked on numerous full-length documentaries, commercials, and social media videos, as a director, producer, and editor, and has also done a wide range of audio work including scoring to video, music production, audio mixing & mastering, and podcast production.

Directing, Video Production, Editing, Music Production,  Mixing & Mastering

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