Grant Worth – an artist, video editor, and photographer – has embarked on a 10 chapter video art project called “Refugia”. He has completed 5 chapters so far and asked me to mix and master the audio for all of them.

Chapters 1-4, entitled “Talkie Pharmakon”, were exhibited alongside other pieces of Worth’s art over the summer of 2018 at the Feature Hudson Foundation. See press here and here

Chapter 5, entitled “Homo Museical”, is the latest installment in the series and premiered in the fall of 2020. 

You can watch all 5 chapters here.


PS379 is a boutique audio and video production studio owned and operated by Jeremiah Glazer. Originally a documentary film editor and producer, Jeremiah combined his passion for video and audio starting PS379 in 2016. He has worked on numerous full-length documentaries, commercials, and social media videos, as a director, producer, and editor, and has also done a wide range of audio work including scoring to video, music production, audio mixing & mastering, and podcast production.

Directing, Video Production, Editing, Music Production,  Mixing & Mastering

Client List

ACLU, Adidas, American Express, The Atlantic, D’Addario, David Jones, Edie Parker, ESPN, Etsy, Maximum Effort, Misen, MTV, NBC Sports, PBS, PFL, Taylor Guitars, Tumblr, Under Armour