O-I Glass

Video Editing
Music Production

I was brought on to this project by Party of One Studio to help them execute the stop-motion videos for this campaign, specifically the editing, onlining, music, and sound design & mix.

You can find the landing site here. It was wonderful working with such talented folks and for a good cause to boot!

Client: O-I Glass
Agency: VaynerMedia
Design & Concept: Party of One Studio
Photography: Ian Shiver
Food Stylist: Molly Morrow Corrigan
Image Retouching: Monarc New York
Video Direction: Party of One Studio
Video Editing: PS379
Music: PS379
Sound Design & Mix: PS379


PS379 is a boutique audio and video production studio owned and operated by Jeremiah Glazer. Originally a documentary film editor and producer, Jeremiah combined his passion for video and audio starting PS379 in 2016. He has worked on numerous full-length documentaries, commercials, and social media videos, as a director, producer, and editor, and has also done a wide range of audio work including scoring to video, music production, audio mixing & mastering, and podcast production.

Directing, Video Production, Editing, Music Production,  Mixing & Mastering

Client List

ACLU, Adidas, American Express, The Atlantic, D’Addario, David Jones, Edie Parker, ESPN, Etsy, Maximum Effort, Misen, MTV, NBC Sports, PBS, PFL, Taylor Guitars, Tumblr, Under Armour