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Music Production
My friend and frequent collaborator Stolar and I wrote a song “Live Fast” which was placed on MTV’s Real World: Go Big or Go Home.

As a fun project to extend the life of the song, I mounted a GoPro to a car while on vacation in the Southwest and edited together some of the landscape from that trip using the song as the music bed. It was a fun editing challenge to utilize only one camera angle for the whole video!

Also, as a result of “Live Fast”, I wrote a couple more songs on spec for MTV’s “The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30”. The first track was written specifically to a creative brief that Bunim & Murray sent me, asking for industrial, high tension music (à la Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross). The show also took place in South America, hence the plucked strings on that track. The second song, “Emotional Ride”, was more off-the-cuff, just making something fun, and has some heavy synth 80’s vibes to it!