Goofy Good

Video Production
My very good friend Noah Aronson asked if I would direct a music video for him. Little did I know how much fun this project would be. Once he told me the concept for the song (”Guf” means body in Hebrew) and the general idea for the video, we got to work and I storyboarded the action based on the lyrics. It was an absolute blast working with all the dancers; they brought amazing energy to set and you can see it in the final result. Also, Joe Duva and Todd Rawiszer were a pleasure to work with during all phases of production. This song just makes you want to get up and dance! Grateful to have been involved in the project.

Director: Jeremiah Glazer
Actors/Dancers: Nico Allen, Alorah, Jacob Glickman, Tasha Kouri, Aviva Oskow, Maria, Ren, Allyssa Rivera, Rose Snitz
Choreography: Allyssa Rivera and Noah Aronson
Video Production: Joe Duva, Todd Rawiszer, Ren, Rose Snitz
Music: Noah Aronson and Jacob Glickman
Recorded, mixed, and mastered: Rohzan Razman


PS379 is a boutique audio and video production studio owned and operated by Jeremiah Glazer. Originally a documentary film editor and producer, Jeremiah combined his passion for video and audio starting PS379 in 2016. He has worked on numerous full-length documentaries, commercials, and social media videos, as a director, producer, and editor, and has also done a wide range of audio work including scoring to video, music production, audio mixing & mastering, and podcast production.

Directing, Video Production, Editing, Music Production,  Mixing & Mastering

Client List

ACLU, Adidas, American Express, The Atlantic, D’Addario, David Jones, Edie Parker, ESPN, Etsy, Maximum Effort, Misen, MTV, NBC Sports, PBS, PFL, Taylor Guitars, Tumblr, Under Armour