Beth Elohim

Video Production
Video Editing

In the summer of 2019, Congregation Beth Elohim asked me to produce videos of their Friday Night service. This was a perfect project for me as I was able to flex both my video production skills and my music production skills.

We shot 10 songs over one day, doing two takes of the whole set. Using three cameras, we were able to get six unique angles for the videos which provided more than enough coverage and allowed us to keep the videos compelling while staying in the same location.

We recorded the band using 8 audio channels, which I then brought back into the studio to mix down and master. From there I edited the footage along to the final audio masters.

It was wonderful to be able to capture the energy, excitement, and devoutness present in the room, both in audio and video format.

Director: Jeremiah Glazer
Director of Photography: Gabriel Pimenta
Camera: Gabriel Pimenta, Ariel Roubinov, & James Northrup
Sound: Francesco Lo Cascio
Editor:Jeremiah Glazer
Color: Gabriel Pimenta & Jeremiah Glazer
Audio Mix & Master: Jeremiah Glazer