As Woo Woo As You Want

Music Production

I’m a woo woo guy. What is woo woo? Woo woo is all things “out there” or “new agey” or “weird”. I’ve always been spiritually minded, but over the last few years, ever since I started my meditation practice, this interest and fascination became more than just an intellectual curiousity, I started living and integrating what I was reading into my daily life.

In the fall of 2018, I had coffee with my good friend Celine who I knew was pretty woo woo too. We had such an amazing conversation that  a few months later I asked if she’d want to co-host a podcast about all things woo woo! “As Woo Woo As You Want” was born!

This is a total passion project for me and something that’s been super enjoyable to share with the world. We hope you enjoy it too! 

Design: Party of One Studio
Animation: Jeremiah Glazer
Recording, engineering, mix & master: Jeremiah Glazer
Music compostion & production: Jeremiah Glazer