PS 379 is owned and operated by Jeremiah Glazer, a 11 year video veteran who has worked on numerous full-length documentaries, commercials, and branded content videos. Originally a documentary film editor and producer, Jeremiah went on to work at Etsy for over 5 years, eventually leading Etsy's video department. While there, he worked on over a hundred pieces of original content, and also composed and produced music for video. In 2016 he combined his passion for the visual and audio arts and started PS 379 bringing his unique style, perspective, and spirit to the worlds of art, media, advertising, and all things internet.

Profectus // Growth
Felicitas // Fertility
Gratia // Thankfulness

These are the guiding principles at PS 379.

Video Production
Video Direction
Video Editing
Video Color Correction
Video Audio Mix
Music Composition
Music Production
Music/Vocal Recording & Engineering
Music Mixing
Music Mastering

Studio Equipment list:
Logic Pro X
Pro Tools
Universal Audio Apollo Twin & Octo
Rode NTK
Shure SMB7
Shure SM58
Shure SM57
Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2
Korg microKORG
Martin DC-15E
Gibson SG Standard
Adam A7X Monitors
Avantone Monitors
Technics 1210 MK2

Partial client list:
Adidas, American Express, The Atlantic, David Jones, Edie Parker, ESPN, Etsy, MTV, NBC Sports, PBS, Tumblr.