92nd St Y

This was a mix/master project for a song called “Reset”. It was a global collaborative effort spearheaded by the 92nd St Y and Noah Aronson. We took audio sources from 19 different musicians, singers, and communities from around the world, assembling the material into a song for the video below.

It was a great challenge working on this project, not only to get all the material to work together melodically and rhythmically, but also to accentuate certain singers or musicians during specific parts of the video when they were highlighted, and make sure all of the pieces worked together as a whole.

The video ended up being a massive success, getting featured on both CBS and Fox News, and amassing more than 90k views on YouTube.

Supervising Producer: Adam Grannick
Composers: Noah Aronson & Abigail Pogrebin
Producer: Noah Aronson
Mix: Jeremiah Glazer
Master: Jeremiah Glazer